Sunrise, Descent, Drive and Hike to Charit Creek Lodge

October 19, 2009

We were up a 6:30 to take the mile hike to Myrtle Point for the Sunrise.  It was spectacular!  First the gold/orange/red glow, then sunrise, then the morning glow on the newly fallen snow.




The storm had produced interesting snow formations that stood out horizontally from branches and leaves.



After a hearty breakfast at the Lodge we headed down on what was to be the most dangerous part of the trip.  The trail was treacherous due to the ice and we both slipped several times (wished we had brought our crampons!).  We caught up to the ranger and as we descended and met people coming up, he advised them not to continue above Alum Cave Bluff due to the ice.


Descending through Arch Rock.


As we hiked down the mountain, the sun rose higher in the sky and the snow fell from the trees like rain. 


View looking east toward the mountain under clear skies.


After a four hour drive, we were stiff and sore when we got out of the truck at the entrance to the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area in northern TN.


Big South Fork Cumberland River.


We took part of the scenic Twin Arch loop trail (2 miles) to descend to the rustic Charit Creek Lodge.



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