Day at the Embassy

January 10, 2008

Tom – Took a taxi to the US Embassy for our security briefing.  The senior security official was emphatic; we are not permitted to go to the north or east of the island.  The government is attacking the LTTE in the north and they are responding with terrorist attacks in Colombo and elsewhere.  Foreigners have so far not been targeted.  I was surprised to hear that the individuals most at risk from the LTTE are the Sri Lankan aid workers, whether sponsored by government, private, or religious organizations – many have been killed throughout the country.  Had our photos taken for our embassy IDs, learned about our commissary privileges, and then walked to the Fulbright office with the Fulbrighter and family who will be in the engineering faculty at the University of Ruhuna campus in Galle.


We spent the afternoon at the Fulbright office working on organizational matters and using the computer.  Chitra drove us back to the guesthouse and explained how she swims each Sunday and that Helen would be able to join her at the swim club whenever she liked.  Mohan (Daveka’s father) called and invited us to the Ceylon Motor Yacht Club on Sunday.  He and his wife Ayomi came over shortly thereafter to give us written directions in English and Sinhalese to direct a taxi driver to the Club.   


While they were there, Rohana arrived to take us to dinner.  There were greetings around and we then left for the Royal Colombo Golf Club.  It was great reconnecting, having a couple of drinks, and then a wonderful fish dinner with Rohana.          

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