Let’s Keep Walking

January 14, 2008

Tom – Helen got up at 6 for an early morning walk.  She said it felt good and we agreed that I should join her and we should try to do it each day.  The pictures below are of the Independence Memorial where there are a lot of walkers/joggers/excercisers early each morning – that will be one of the places where we will walk.  After breakfast we went to the Fulbright to work on email…always frustrating.  We then went searching for a way to get an internet connection through our cell phone.  It can be done where there is a signal but it appears to be too expensive at this point.  We ate some chicken rolls and egg rolls (half an egg with a few veggies) on the street for lunch.  We are afraid to eat anything that is not cooked.  Bought some plug adapters and a Sri Lankan road map and then spent an hour in an Internet Café because the Fulbright computer does not even have a working USB port.       




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