War and Wedding

January 16, 2008

Tom – The big news today was that 27 people were killed and 63 injured when a bus was blown up at 7:30 this morning; an additional 5 were shot trying to escape the bus.  This makes the description of our day seem rather unimportant.  Had meetings at the Fulbright, computer work, shops, US Embassy and back to the guesthouse.


Helen – The Fulbright computers drive me nuts!!!  I spent over an hour still trying to get our family and diary lists in order so we can send the diary from my email.  Ate lunch at one of the little food courts, it seems we feel safe ordering fried egg rolls though each one is different.

We looked again for a translation dictionary in several stores to no avail, also still looking for adapters, and finally walked over to the embassy to do a little shopping; peanut butter and raspberry jam, some rum for our house lady, some crackers, beer for Rohana, and a few other things.  We were supposed to have dinner with Rohana but he got the flu and had to postpone.

We took a Tuk-Tuk to the waterfront to walk; we were too late for the sunset but it was still enjoyable.  There were venders selling cooked crabs, shrimp, and some other things.  We were tempted but decided it wasn’t worth it.  Afterwards we went into the Galle Face Hotel to look around; while we were there we saw a wedding procession.  First the dancers and drummers danced and played taking the families into the reception hall; then they repeated the ritual for the bride.  She was lovely.  Tom took a short video of it.  We decided to have a small meal at the German Restaurant across the street.  Didn’t really taste too German to me but Tom enjoyed his soup and I my vegetable casserole with mustard sauce.    





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