Jumped by a Cow!

February 6, 2008

Tom – I’m at the police station at 9am with Sarath, Chair of the PE Department, as my interpreter.   The electrician does not show, so I start making my complaint.  At 9:30 he does show with a lawyer.  So, I continue to make my complaint.  Almost all the critical information is on my typed sheet, however, we have to follow police procedures and the officer writes everything down in long hand in his “official book.”  There was only one typewriter and no computers in the police station.  I worked in my office in the afternoon and when I returned home got a phone call from the officer.  He surprised me by stating that the electrician was in jail – To Be Continued.

Helen – This is a little hard to believe.  We were at the university trying to get this SL7 out, had a torrential thunder storm and the power kept shutting off and me with it.  I went back to Tom’s office and asked if we could go home.  As usual, I wasn’t patient enough to wait for the rain to let up (as it was quite a long time) and we got drenched getting to the car.  Our road to our house is pretty bad in good weather and we were expecting a rough ride after the asphalt ended and the rutty dirt road began; not to mention that the dirt road is also downhill to the beach.  We were fearing the worst, but were surprised that we were able to maneuver pretty well until we got to our driveway.  Seems the tubes under it were plugged and a lot of the water coming down the hill was going into our driveway.  The driveway has a valley at the base where the car is parked under the carport roof and it was flooded.  We had to take off our shoes and wade to the front steps.  The water was ankle high.  The man from the hotel was already there unplugging the tubes but the water at the base has no where to go…wonder how long it will take to evaporate??  It didn’t take long at all!! There is a sewer line at the lowest point of the driveway and after the rain stopped the water washed away, I guess down the road to the beach.  Now we have to deal with clean up because the area is covered with mud!

While the storm was still going on, the cow and calf were separated on two different sides of the yard and the baby didn’t look too happy.  As the rain let up some, I first took the washed clothes off the line (had to re-rinse and spin) then went to move the mama to the baby.  Tom said leave them alone…nothing doing!!  I wade through the valley in the back yard to get to mama and begin to untie her lead.  I am facing away from her and with no warning she jumps up onto my back with her front hoofs on my shoulders.  Talk about scared and surprised!!!  I jumped forward and she fell off of me.  Tom was an amused bystander and wished he had the camera!!  He said just leave her there…but I was not going to stop now.  Sometimes, I wish I weren’t so hard headed and would mind my own business!!



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