$131 Car Repair!

February 21, 2008

Tom – We went to the Fulbright office after breakfast to fill out our visa forms for India and get caught up on email.  As it turned out we also had to have pictures taken for the small format size photos that were required.  Why two of the same photo had to be pasted right next to each other on the same form I will never know.  We had just received our passports back after receiving residence permits and now had to turn them in again.

Had lunch at the US Embassy (prepared by a local restaurant so no REAL American food), did a little food shopping at the embassy mart and then headed back to the guest house.  After a brief rest we went to the House of Fashions for masks and snorkels and some clothes for Helen and then picked up the rental car.  They had fixed the dents, replaced the broken glass, repainted the entire bottom of the car including the bumpers and cleaned it!  All of that cost me $131!  I then braved the rush hour traffic to drive to Arpico where I bought a Sri Lankan Cricket shirt ($7.50).

In the evening Ruki treated us to take-out Chinese to thank us for the Scotch I had bought for her and the blouse Helen had bought for her at the House of Fashions.

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