Shark, Shrimp and Breakfast

March 7, 2008

 Helen – Today I am trying to get some of my cake recipes ready for the wives.  They do not have our measuring cups so I will have to weigh the ingredients on the metric scale.  I also have not seen a mixer here, but have used the blender to cream the butter and sugar (which somehow never seems to lose the granular state).  When Tom came home from school we went to pick up the dress I had shortened (it was Sunny’s sister-in-law) and she wouldn’t take any money for it. They usually charge about $1 to do it and she said it was nothing.  Then once again to Food City, we go about 3 times a week because our refrigerator is small and things don’t last too long in it.  We had taco night and pretended we were at El Toro’s (our favorite Mexican restaurant back home) and even had limes in our beer!!!  To bed early, since Tom planned a SCUBA dive tomorrow for me and he is going to snorkel.

Tom – New beach sights today included a small shark caught by a local net fisherman and little shrimp that the children collect to be used for bate by their fathers/older brothers. 






This was followed, as usual, by our favorite time of day – eating breakfast on our patio by the pond while watching the waves roll in.


I had my last class with the instructors today.  They requested a lecture on nutrition which went well.  I spent an extra hour with them – giving and describing my gifts.  The first was a CD that included my two PowerPoint presentations, class syllabus, class reading, Exercise Chart designed for their weight room, the full copy of my book “Your Body: Your Health and Fitness” (11 chapters) which I never completed, and a number of physical activity survey articles for HR’s research.  I also gave the department two Physical Fitness and Wellness books, the brochure I wrote on the need for Quality Daily Physical Education and several small individual gifts (e.g. small stress basketball from Springfield College – the birthplace of basketball, small pocket knives, lanyards, Starburst candy, small double head screwdrivers, mini carabineers, OAHPERD pin, Jump Rope for Heart water bottle, AAHPERD name tag wallet, and their pick of one of my class T-shirts.

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