Easter Sunday

March 23, 2008

 Helen –  We went to church at 8:15 for the English mass and then spent most of the day repacking our things, deciding what to leave here and what to take with us to our new location.  Tom made dinner reservations at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel (a really plush and beautiful place) for the Lagoon Restaurant.  They have a very large pond filled with beautiful large carp and two outdoor restaurants, one on each side of the lagoon.  The setting is especially charming at night and after you order your drinks and starter, you go into the restaurant to the fresh fish table and pick out your dinner and how you wish to have it prepared.  We shared a delicious dessert and then went inside to the grand lobby to listen to the band.  They played current music and we even jitterbugged to one song.  Afterwards, several people said we were very good!!

Tom – the pictures are of VJ cutting grass,


Irene cooking on a wood fired clay stove,



Ciani smoking for mosquitoes,


and Ruki going out.


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