Tom’s Fulbright Presentation

March 27, 2008

Helen – Got out of bed at 5:30 to try an earlier walk around the lake, it was better but still not good with the fumes.  After breakfast and showers we were in the car for the 4 hour drive to Colombo – note the Tuk Tuk tow picture. 


We got to Ruki’s at noon and she had lunch ready for us, she is so very thoughtful.  We had to be at the Fulbright at 2 for the Fulbright project summaries from both the professors and graduate students.  Luckily Tom’s went well (same one he presented in India) but other’s had computer problems and the students went way over their time limits!!  This ended a little after 5 and then we were to return at 7 for the reception which was for the Fulbrighters and local important people affiliated with the program including the US ambassador.  We didn’t want to return to Ruki’s for the interim break so went to a local internet café with Jordon (the fellow from Texas Tech who went to India with us) where we had iced coffees and I used his computer to catch up on email.

The reception was alright, the food was delicious even though not especially good for you, and we met some interesting people.  We didn’t know about the parking at the Fulbright so we took a taxi there in the afternoon and returned by Tuk Tuk that evening.

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