Dinner with Who?

April 8, 2008

Tom – I took pictures of two roosters above a Buddha shrine

 and the historic Queens Hotel at the front entrance to the “Temple of the Tooth” this morning.

 Helen and I participated in a “Fitness for Women Workshop” sponsored by the Department of Physiology.  She presented a three-hour Fitness Walking session in the morning and I gave a two-hour presentation on “Health-Related Physical Fitness” with an emphasis on the physiology of energy metabolism and weight/fat loss in the afternoon.


Helen – Dinner with Who?  Communication is difficult at best but this takes the cake.  Our landlords, Shenani and Ananda, were supposed to ask our physiology sponsors, Raj and Shamila, to dinner for Friday night.  The next day Shamila asks Tom if she and her husband could take us to dinner with Gota, from PE.  Tom is confused, thinking she means to come to our house and she says no.  Meanwhile, Ananda forgot to ask Raj and Shamila, so now I think we have a double engagement!!!   Next Day: we remind Ananda to ask the other couple because his wife has already begun cooking and he will be dead meat if he botches this up.  They accept and then ask us out for Thursday night with Gota so we can discuss the workshops from the last week.  Next morning: I tell Shenani that we will be going out to dinner with Raj and his wife and she says that they are coming too!!   I said, really, we are eating at 7 (they never eat before 8:30) and she said they would be OK.  Raj felt odd going to their house for dinner (they don’t socialize together) so when they invited him, he in turn invited them…are you following this???  Anyway the six of us ate together two nights in a row, once in the restaurant and once in our home and Gota joined us at the restaurant!!! 

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