Thank You Dinner

April 10, 2008

Helen – In the morning I was really organized; put laundry in the washing machine, Tom dropped me off at Food City on his way to work, walked home and then decided to take a Tuk-Tuk to the antique shop to pick up a ring and two small pendants which I had admired last week, and then continued to the university because I felt guilty about Gota and his strokes.  I got there a little early so had time to go on the computer until Tom finished his class.  After his lecture, Tom drove me the ¾ miles to the gym.  I surprised Gota there and we got in about 1 ½ hours in the water before the thunderstorms forced us out of the water.  Tom came back to pick me up and we returned to his office so he could finish up. 


Ananda and Shenani drove Tom and I to a local Indian restaurant where we met Raj, Shamila, and Gota for dinner. We had a good time.

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