Monkey Business #2

April 12, 2008

Helen – Those monkeys have been busy on the roof again.  I think that I mentioned before that they move the red tiles on the roof to get to the spiders which they consider a delicacy.  We have been having thunder storms every day, beginning about 2pm and today it really stormed.  In a matter of minutes the second story had two puddles in the TV room and there were three in our bedroom…the worst was right over Tom’s bed.  We quickly moved the beds, put out several pans with cloths in them to prevent splattering, and covered Tom’s bed with plastic.  We now just do this arrangement in the mornings so that we won’t be surprised when we get home.  It sort of reminded us of home and Chad’s room where we have that ceiling leak even though we have had the mason check the chimneys, the roofer repair several spots and the plasterer repair the ceiling, only to have the leak reappear.


We went to mass at St. Anthony’s church for 5:30 mass.  It was nearby but we still had trouble finding it so were a little late.  After mass, Tom went the wrong way, on not one but THREE streets, trying to get us to the main road to keep a dinner date.


That evening we were invited to dinner by a professor from the Geography Department at the university. Tom was given his name by the former secretary to the Minister of Education in Colombo, who is also on the Fulbright Commission, but he never got around to calling him.  On Thursday, Tom finally contacted him and they had lunch on Friday.  They had so much in common, he and his wife traveled around the US while graduate students at Syracuse, that he then invited us to dinner so we wives could also meet.  I promised to give their son (17) the rest of our peanut butter and maple syrup and he was thrilled!


Tom – This is a picture of the Buddha on a hill above Kandy Lake.

 Here is a picture of a Tuk Tuk in the drink.  It seems he failed to negotiate a turn going around the lake.

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