April 21, 2008

Helen – Breakfast at hotel

I had a great time in Matara shopping with Nicole and slept the best two nights of our trip on the fabulous  hotel mattresses.  At lunch time, Nicole and I stopped for rotti’s at the local vender.  His weren’t ready yet so we went to the next one.  Just minutes after we left, Tom and Pat came to the first vendor, on their way to the Fort, and the man said, “Your wife was just here!!”  Tom and Pat waited for theirs and it was nice to know they remembered us.  In the evening we ate at a local restaurant across from the Matara beach.  Pat was a trooper eating with his hands, but everyone could guess that it was a new experience for him because he didn’t have it all piled on one dish with his rice.  He had each curry in a separate dish and didn’t want rice; it worked for him!!  Kanthi had seen Tom in town earlier that day and then stopped by the restaurant to see me.


Tom and Pat went snorkeling at Polhena (where we went before) in the morning, then to the Matara forts, the Weherahena Temple and on to Dondra to see the lighthouse and stand on the southern most point of Sri Lanka.  We had dinner at the “Uprising” –

Moon rise from the hotel


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