Travel to China

April 28, 2008

Tom – Our Cathay Pacific flight left Colombo at 1:45am, flew over the Bay of Bengal and landed in Bangkok at 7am local time.  While landing I was able to see one of the Buddhist Temples along with its large golden Buddha from the air.  There was an hour layover but we were not permitted to leave the plane.  The flight continued at 8:30am, flying over Thailand, Vietnam, Gulf of Tonkin, Hainan Island, Macau, and into Hong Kong.  We arrived a little after noon and had a two hour layover until our next flight.  I used a Starbucks gift card I had received at Christmas and bought a plane cup of coffee for $34 Hong Kong dollars – that equated to $4.36 U.S.! 


The final leg of our flight was on Dragonair and left Hong Kong at 2pm.  The in flight meal was excellent just like the two meals we had received on Cathay Pacific.  They even gave us free playing cards!  Our plane landed on time at 5:20pm and my brother Joe was there to meet us at the airport.  We drove to his home in an international compound and were greeted by his wife Linda, son Anthony and my brother Pat who had arrived three days earlier.

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