Lama Temple, Hutong, and Hou Hai

May 2, 2008

Tom – Linda and Joe joined us for a trip to the Lama Temple.  It is the home of Tibetan Buddhism in China.  Our pictures include the entrance gate,

male lion with orb (strength),

female lion with baby (family),

Helen with prayer wheel,

incense and prayer offerings at temple,

Every inch is painted

and a Guinness Book of world records Buddha carved from a single white sandalwood tree.


In the afternoon we walked through a Hutong area (had soup for lunch) – that is a 700 year old neighborhood of alleyways with single story continuous homes.  Each section of alleyway has a community toilet because there are none in the homes. 

Proud Dad

Games and smoking are both popular

Afterwards we walked to the Hou Hai area and had a drink overlooking the lake. 

We then continued walking around the lake

This is a popular nightlife area

and had dinner on the rooftop of an Indian restaurant.

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