China Postscript

May 25, 2008

HelenTom has worked really hard preparing the final pages of the blog while I have been working in the yard and around the house.  Of course, I couldn’t let him send it off without adding my “two cents worth” but I guarantee it will be short.


The sites in China were amazing especially the Ming Tombs.  The crown jewels were just unbelievable with the gold mesh crowns and the larger ones with all the gem stones and pearls.  I have often seen these in posters but to see them up close was a real treat.  The Great Wall was “Great” but I enjoyed the hike on the sacred mountain more, maybe because I didn’t “get lost!”  The food was exotic; chop stick skills were challenging but proved to be a great way to go on a diet, until the very end when I could actually pick up small pieces of food – and I thought it was hard to eat with my hands in Sri Lanka!!!  Shopping was plentiful and the “Chinese flea market” was truly the greatest!!!  We didn’t even touch the surface of it and had spent several hours there haggling prices and having a good time…several times the other vendors would give me the “thumbs up” smile, and nod their heads after I had agreed on a price.  I have always wanted to see the terracotta soldiers and they were beautiful; looking at all their faces was fascinating because each one was different and there were more than 7000 unearthed.


So, can you believe that I have highlighted China in one paragraph???  The rest of my thoughts must be captured in a one-to-one conversation.  I hope that you have all enjoyed our rambling.  On the web you can skip parts but when I begin telling a story in person you won’t be able get away until I am finished!  The blog is hereby put to rest – until our next trip!!!

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