Black Canyon – Colorado River

March 13, 2009

We drove to and across Hoover Dam to Willow Beach Marina about 14 miles downriver on the Colorado.  We rented a 17’ Campion boat with a 60 hp motor to cruise upriver to the dam.  It was cold and picturesque as we moved up Black Canyon against the current to the dam.  They are building a new road over the canyon near the dam.








On the way back we beached the boat just downstream from the Ringbolt Rapids and took the short hike up a slot canyon to the Arizona Hot Springs.  There were three pools and a 20 foot ladder to reach the best one.  We enjoyed a good soak in the 104o mineral waters. 












After returning to LV, we got cleaned up and went to the Bally’s Paris casino for their famous buffet and then to the Tropicana to see the Folies Bergere.  It is the longest running show in LV (almost 50 years) but will be ending in 2009.  Helen didn’t care for the show or the bare breasted women.

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