Belgrade, Serbia; Budva, Montenegro; Dubrovnik, Croatia

July 26, 2010

Belgrade, Serbia

I arrived in Belgrade July 6th and Kate flew in from Italy on July 7th.  We spent five days in and around the city visiting family and seeing some of the sights.  Belgrade market –

Misa’s “Water Retreat” on the Sava River

Skadarlija restaurant/folk music district

Kalemegdan Park where the Sava River flows into the Danube River – Fort di Belgrado and St. Sava church

“The Victor”

Dove of Peace in one hand, sword in the other

Grave of Mileva Krunich Miladinovich, Katarina Miladinovich Todorovich and Persida Miladinovich Alexich

Velika Plana, Serbia – Vera, Dafina, Ana , Kate, Helen, Zoran 

Avala – Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Sculptor – Ivan Mestrovic

8 women dressed in the ethnic clothes of their region of the old Yugoslavia

The Platz,  Misa’s “Country Retreat”- Maja, Misha, Seka, Dusan, Bane, Sonja

Nada who lives across the road from the “Platz” and her yard

St Mark’s, my parents were married here.

Even though you’re away, you’re never far from home!

Dinner with Zika in Belgrade

Budva, Montenegro

Kate and I took a 12 hour bus ride from Belgrade to Budva, a historic/scenic city on the Adriatic.  We arrived the evening of the 12th and stayed in the Hotel Villa Lux for two nights.  On the 14th we took a bus to Dubrovnik and then returned for one more night on the 16th before returning to Belgrade.  We walked the old city, toured the Citadel, had some beach time and enjoyed the delicious seafood.

“Giritce” – Little Fish

On the way to Dubrovnik the bus drove around Kotor Bay with it’s island monasteries.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

It was a three hour bus ride from Budva to Dubrovnik, the “Jewel of the Adriatic.” 

We stayed in a “Sobe” (rooms for rent) a short distance from the Pile Gate entrance to the old city.  Shortly after arriving, we hiked around the entire old city on top of the city wall – the sites are spectacular.

Starting on the “Wall Walk”

The next day, we walked through the old city to the east side and took a boat to the island of Lokrum.  The island  is a nature preserve with gardens, historic sites and swimming. 


Back in the old city

Aachen, Germany

On the way back to the U.S., I stopped in Aachen, Germany to visit my cousin.  The Aachen Cathedral is the oldest in northern Europe.  It was started by Charlemagne (Charles the Great) about 792 and he is buried there.

Daniele, Helen, Ljisa

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