Smoky Mountains

November 17, 2014

11/14/2014 – 2013 Christmas Gift! – Peter and Heather had given us a gift of a weekend stay in the Smoky Mountains for Christmas 2013.  We tried for ten months to get dates that would work for all four of us.  Peter’s new car top carrier made it possible for all of us, two large dogs, food/drinks and clothing bags to travel together to our Timber Tops Luxury Cabin Rental named “Fifty Mile View” outside of Gatlinburg TN.


Peter and Heather slept in a bedroom on the first floor while we were given the loft with king size bed, TV, pool table, video game counsel and hot tub.





11/15/2014 – Great Smoky Mountains National Park – It was 18 degrees when woke but the arctic blast moving down with us from Ohio had brought us a clear blue sky.  After breakfast (Heather prepared excellent meals for our entire stay), we drove into Gatlinburg to take the Gatlinburg Trail to Sugarlands Visitor Center.  It is one of only two “dog friendly” trails in the park.




We walked a total of about 5 miles, mostly along the Little Pigeon River.





There was an old cemetery near the Visitor Center – I believe Martha was speaking to us from the grave –



We returned to the cabin to watch football while we ate/drank, played pool, video games and euchre.



We returned home (7hr drive) on Sunday just before a 5 inch snow fall.  It was a wonderful weekend!



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