Beautiful Marissa and Beach Cricket

February 24, 2008

Tom – We went to mass at St Mary’s (loved their singing but couldn’t understand anything!) continued to the open market where we bought limp lettuce, limes, eggplants, tomatoes, onions, papaya, and bananas, then shopped Cargills for staples (e.g. milk, juice, yogurt, etc.). 


After lunch we decided to try our new masks and snorkels.  We went to the pretty bay by the lighthouse in Dondra and were able to see a few fish but the coral was almost entirely dead.  So, we decided to go west of town and try the little beach at Marissa.  This was our first time here and we found it to be a scenic laid-back, low end (in terms of cost) tourist beach.  It was too rough to snorkel but we enjoyed a cool drink at one of the beach front restaurants and the walk on the beach.  The sand was fine and clean – like our beach should be

Returning home, we boogie boarded in our surf.  The waves were really big and we had several great rides.  The waves washed us up onto the beach and filled our pants with sand!!  We watched a game of Cricket played by university students on the beach and then devoured an excellent spaghetti dinner that Helen prepared from the ingredients I purchased at the embassy food mart.  Our first spaghetti dinner in over two months – even had garlic bread!



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