February 25, 2008

Tom – We saw the coconut lady this morning on our beach walk – this time I was able to get a picture of her with the bag of coconuts on her head. 


Later on the walk, I was able to get some pictures of a serious cricket practice – they had the official wickets and bats! 


As I was preparing to leave for the office two Sri Lankan gypsies were coming up from the beach.  Each had a bag over his shoulder and one had a little monkey (Otto) on a leash.  I took the fellow who had the monkey down to Helen who was cleaning the driveway.  She was reluctant but did give the little guy a banana. 


I asked what was in the bags – he said snakes!  Ok, let’s see them.  He took a basket out of his bag and put it on the ground.  He then proceeded to take off the top of the basket and play his flute.  Sure enough, a cobra came up out of the basket! 


His partner then took a python out of his bag.  Helen wanted no part of the snakes and kept a good distance away.  I had to get the tourist pose with the python.


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