Gifts from the Sea

March 9, 2008

Tom – As usual we collected shells on the beach walk this morning.  Helen has a pretty good collection – now, which ones to carry home (e.g. turtle shell)?!








I did a lecture on Nutrition for Athletes at a student-athlete captains leadership workshop held at the conference center later in the morning.  This was my last professional responsibility at the University of Ruhuna.  Tomorrow night the Vice-Chancellor (i.e. President) is hosting a going-away dinner for us.  I’ll then have a couple of days to prepare my PowerPoint presentation for the Fulbright Conference in Jaipur India before we have to pack up and head for Colombo.



One comment

  1. wow, do those curries sound amazing! and be sure to bring me back just one piece of seaglass for my ever-expanding international sea glass collection (did you know i was such a geek?) sri lanka should definitely be represented. i’m sure you’ll be really sad to leave the beach.

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