Farewell Dinner

March 10, 2008

Tom – Today was a day to tighten up loose ends at the office and at home.  I had lots of email business related to my next assignment at Peradeniya University, my presentation in India, my presentation in Colombo after Easter, etc.  I also signed certificates of participation for the PE instructors who completed 32 hours of theory and 6 hours of practical sessions.  These certificates will be presented at a “going away” dinner this evening.


Helen – They had a farewell dinner for us at the university this evening.  The Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor (President and Provost) attended along with the PE faculty.  It was very nice and they cooked the food less spicy especially for us.  It was kind of a strange arrangement…we went to the guest house dining room which is a separate building across the street from the university.  This is also where they hold conferences and workshops.  The room was arranged with two long tables set; one with glasses and the other for dinner with plates etc.  So first we sat at the table set with glasses and were served lime juice drinks as we sat and talked and waited for the Vice Chancellor to arrive.  When he came, they brought out the beer and hard coconut liquor along with spicy noodle snacks.  We sat there for another hour before moving to the other table for dinner. 

Dinner was excellent with a variety of foods, curries and fruit for dessert.  When dinner was finished, they had gift presentations and speeches for us.  Tom received a Fibretec picture specially designed with an ocean sunset and the silhouettes of stick fishermen.  Superimposed on the picture were palm trees and grasses that were covered in fiberglass.  All the elements were enclosed in a 3-D frame.  Not exactly our style but the sentiment was much appreciated.  Pali also presented us with a Perahera wood carving picture, a brass dish the shape of Sri Lanka and a little leather case for me.  Both Tom and I received beautiful cards with heart felt thanks written by members of the faculty.  We have really enjoyed the friendships we have made with the faculty here and will miss them.

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