Ships Passing in the Night (and Day)

March 11, 2008

Helen We have heard about the snow in Ohio!  We, meanwhile, have been walking the beach and feeding the critters in our pond.  As you know, we have a big green frog and lots of gold fish (they are multiplying and growing bigger) but now we also have two crabs and a black turtle…the water has been down so they are easier to see.  Tom has also included pictures from our breakfast spot.  You can see the Sri Lankan breakfast that Sarath’s wife prepared for us a few days ago as well as the fish and frog. 




 Looking to the Indian Ocean from our patio, you can see a large ship passing from the East toward the Middle East/West.  In all the time we have been here we have only seen one ship going in the opposite direction!  We figure their shipping lane is further out to sea.  These large ships pass this point around the clock.



I can’t believe we leave paradise in two days…we are really sad.  I began packing yesterday and it makes me feel worse.  I forgot to mention that there was an open house down the beach from us and we were able to go there for a few minutes before our dinner.  They just finished the first phase of their home (he is Sri Lankan and she Scottish but they live in Norway),  Right now the house consists of a kitchen, living area, bedroom with A/C and bathroom, and a covered deck overlooking the beach.  They have a lovely view because they are about 20 feet above the beach.  I was asked to bring chocolate zucchini cake which everyone loved.  We are definitely going to miss our beach adventures and home!!!  I hope that you are keeping warm!

Tom – After spending the morning in my office in the Physics building and Helen in the computer lab, we drove to the PE building so Helen could pass out the recipe for a “no animal products” cake that she had prepared and that everyone raved about!  Many Buddhists are vegetarian, so this cake has been a big hit!  I also signed the participation certificates for the 12 students who had completed the attendance requirements (16 hours of practical sessions) to receive the award.

In the afternoon we drove downtown to give the cake recipe to Sunny’s sister-in-law at the sewing store, try to exchange the Firbretec picture (could not as it was special ordered), look for a shop so Helen could buy curtain material (could not find it due to lousy directions), buy a fish Batik that Helen has been eyeing for a couple of weeks, buy 10 brass pulls that Helen has wanted, go to Cargills Food City and to the bank ATM.  On the way back Helen bought a couple of the spicy/hot fish buns that she has grown to like.  As you can tell, we are “rushing” to complete tasks before we leave. 


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  1. Love the new pics! It was great talking to you on Easter. Keep in touch with us! 🙂

    Love, Kate

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