Morning Glow

March 12, 2008

Tom – There was a nice glow this morning as the sun rose on us during our beach walk.





About 8:30 Ghana and her husband brought us a Sri Lankan breakfast.  Like the one that Sarath gave us last week, it was way too much and we gave a large part of it to Luke and Nicole at the hotel.  They also called and came over last night with their son and daughter to bring us going away gifts (e.g. necklace for Helen, small Sri Lankan flag).  The shirt for me and dress for Helen were too small but we dare not mention it for fear that a good chunk of time today would have to be spent on doing an exchange.  As they left, each knelt in front of us, bowed, touched our feet, and gave us the Buddhist peace sign.  We were embarrassed and in awe but they assured us that this was their tradition.  All of the last minute (unplanned) attention that we are getting is nerve wracking as we are trying to pack to leave and also prepare to go to India.  We are truly thankful for the thoughtfulness and attention but cannot understand why they have waited till the last minute to make these connections.  Further, we really do not like them spending their money on us – they do not have enough as it is!  By the same token, we understand that this makes the gifts extra-special.

 Helen – talk about unwanted company!!!!  A tiny kitten, really sweet and good tempered, has found us as well.  The first day I tried to ignore her, but her constant mewing finally got to me and yesterday I sneaked a bowl of milk to her in the outside kitchen.  You know that now means she is not leaving and has caused havoc to our lives.  Last night I fed her milk and bread and forgot the milk outside so it was sour this morning for our coffee!!!  Also, when we woke this morning, she was in our bedroom.  Seems she can jump pretty high and came in our bedroom window which was open with the wooden slates to prevent people entry.  Now she is constantly coming in whenever a door or window is open and she just cries as she rubs against your ankles.  What to do???

 Took a break from packing to go out and look at the pond.  I noticed a strange brown head peeking out of the water and called Tom to bring the camera thinking it was the turtle.  I motioned to him to be quiet and walk softly so as not to scare it off.  As Tom steps outside, the head emerges from the water and it is that huge lizard.  It really caught us by surprise and now I am worried that it has eaten our fish and frog!

I just rechecked the pond, and thank heavens, I saw the frog!!!  I was worried about him!!  He is the brightest green and our favorite pond critter!

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