Mumbai (Bombay)

March 20, 2008

Tom – Travel day, in van at 6am, flight to Mumbai (Bombay) on Jet Airways India (1.5 hours), 5 hour layover. 


Our flight to Colombo on Sri Lankan Airlines (2.5 hours), arrived about 6pm, bought 2 liters ($31.50 each) of Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch for Ruki at duty free store (got free travel bag).  Mano & Traci’s driver picked us up at the airport with their van and dropped us off at Ruki’s about 7:30pm.  Irene had dinner for us at 9pm, we showered and Helen was in bed by 9:30.  I spent another hour copying photos to a DVD with the hope of mailing two DVDs with all of our pictures/movies (to date) to Stacy for safe keeping.  On past trips cameras have been stolen and we have lost all of our photos (e.g. southeast Europe trip a couple of years ago).

 Helen – We asked for a 5:45 am wakeup call but received it at 4:45!!!  Go figure!!  I heard Tom repeat the time several times the night before, so we just dosed the next hour before we got up.  I was ready to go in a few minutes so made coffee while Tom packed his suitcase. We were in the lobby on time eating the last of the tangerines with the others because we were not going to get any breakfast.

One comment

  1. wow – great pictures! sounds like india was a nice adventure. good luck with the move!
    love, stacy

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