Good Friday

March 21, 2008

 Mendin Poya Day; Good Friday – Helen  I stayed at Ruki’s during the day finishing a book while Tom ran errands.  He went to pick up the car and the repair (remember the palm tree incident??) only cost him $32.  This is the place to be if you are banging up your car!!  As he left the auto place he said, “I have been here twice to pay my rental fee and twice to have the damages repaired.  The third time should be a charm and no more accidents.”  Remember this quote!!  He also went to the Fulbright and the Chinese Embassy (to get visas for our next trip) and did some shopping as well.  He made it back in time to attend 5:15 Good Friday services at St. Theresa.  See the pictures; the masses are said in three languages and the paintings depict Sri Lankan figures.





 We ordered Pizza Hut pineapple/cheese pizza for dinner.

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