Monkey Business!!!

April 1, 2008

April Fools Day! – Helen – Back to our routine, walk around the lake and then French toast for breakfast, even Shenani had some.  Her husband is in Japan this week for a conference so she has been sharing our meals with us.  After Tom left for school, we decided to have a shopping spree.  We took a three wheeler to a small nearby town and went through two antique shops.  The first had a lot of neat old jewelry and I put several pieces on hold so that Tom could see them next Monday, and the second shop was just a waste of time with overpriced repro pieces.  We then took the bus back to town and had fish sandwiches in some sorry little place with the greatest fish buns!!!  Visited a few little shops and then to the famous Food City for a few things which I couldn’t buy yesterday because I ran out of money!!!  We were really tired by now so decided it was worth the $1.50 for the three wheeler home where we showered and took short naps.


While cooking dinner, I went outside to open the gate for Tom to park because it looked like rain.  I noticed a zip lock bag on the ground that looked as though it had been chewed open.  I thought it’s the monkeys but couldn’t think what was in the bag and where it came from.  I mentioned it to Shenani and she asked if I had left the kitchen door open (which we do when we cook) and unattended and I answered no. 

Well, when we moved to the University of Peradeniya, the first day in the kitchen I noticed a group of monkeys in the yard (all sizes) bringing trash from other yards but eating in ours!!  I asked Shenani (our landlord) about it and she said to be careful because they are very resourceful; sending the babies into your rooms through the grated windows to steal things.  

I can’t say I wasn’t warned…I forgot to close the windows today when Shenani and I went shopping in town.  On our return, I noticed the chewed ziplock bag (these are not found here, so I knew it must have been mine) in the yard.  I thought maybe the monkeys took it out of the trash and couldn’t think what I threw away that they would have wanted.  This evening, the man next door came over and said that he saw the monkeys go into our bedroom window and pass out a bag of candy; he rang the bell but no one answered.  He couldn’t throw stones at them because of the windows.  Shenani asked if we were missing anything, and Tom answered, “Damn, they took the rest of the Starbursts!!!”  Then we discovered that they also took the coconut cookies that Ruki sent home with us.  Now we have been robbed many times, in many countries, and by many different kinds of thieves, but this is a first.  The next day, they came back and looked in our windows but this time found them closed!!!
Tom – The large Buddha statue is located on a hill above Kandy Lake.













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  1. that’s the best april fool’s day trick ever! next year you’ll have to get the monkeys to steal the car.

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