Baskets and Work

April 4, 2008

TomPictures – On our walk around the lake this morning we saw a family taking baskets to market. 

I participated in a workshop on Exercise and Sport Science for the past two days in the Department of Physiology (Faculty of Medicine) cosponsored by the Department of Physical Education. 

My two-hour session on April 3rd was titled “Fitness for Life” and my three-hour session on April 4th was a lecture on Practical Weight Training.  On the way home I took a picture of a Buddha under construction. 

We treated Shenani to Pizza Hut this evening because her husband Ananda is in Japan.  It is the only “American” type fast food restaurants we have visited here.  It is located prominently near the entrance of the sacred “Temple of the Tooth.” 

The light in our room is not very good so I sometimes use my headlamp to help me read when using my computer.


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