Tree of Life

April 15, 2008

RELAXING DAY  Helen – Ranjan and his friend Sandy (whose family is from Kandy) came in from Colombo for the holiday and asked us to join them for lunch and a swim at a nearby resort called Tree Of Life which his cousin manages. They picked us up at 10:45 and it took about 45 minutes to get there.  This resort was very similar to the hotel at the top of the falls.  It had lots of beautiful landscaping, trees, flowers, trails, and a great pool. 

We toured the newest rooms which are called villas.  They had private recessed entries with loft bedrooms and private decks.  Each unit was rented with a massage table on the deck complete with private daily massage.  Afterwards we had the buffet lunch with many choices of rice and curries plus delicious desserts.  We swam after lunch and returned home about 5:30


Walked to Pizza Hut for dinner!!

One comment

  1. What a lovely place. What do they rent the rooms for? (With the daily message, of course!)

    Never can tell, we may get there some day!

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