Shopping Day, Dancers and Fire Walkers

April 16, 2008

Tom – I took a picture of a speedboat on Kandy Lake

and the temple elephants as we walked to the central market. 

Helen bought eight metal necklaces from Stone ‘N’ String, some saffron and vanilla from a spice shop, and a pair of pants for Leva on the street. 

She got tired after about three hours, not because of the walking, but because of the people hassling you to buy something from their shops.  We ate lunch at our guest house; drove to a place called Kandy View (or Arthur’s seat) above the lake and then continued on to the university to work on the computer.


 We returned in time to freshen up and then walk to the Kandyan Cultural Center to see the Kandy Dancers and Fire Walkers.

Female dancers 

Male dancers

Finale with Sri Lankan flag and anthem. 

I sat in the center of the front row to get pictures while Helen sat in the front row of the balcony.  They really do walk across flaming coals – the heat even singed my eyebrows!

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