Hot and Sticky, also Youth Soccer

April 18, 2008

Helen – it’s hot, hot, hot!!! AND sticky, sticky, sticky!!!  Ruki and I went shopping this morning for a coconut grater for me and eggs for her….we went to the manufacturing company for the Oridis Grater so I could have my choice but of course they were still closed for the holiday.  Then we went to the big general market and they didn’t have any, followed by several smaller stores and they too were sold out.  It was the same story for Ruki’s eggs but finally in the fifth store she was able to buy the 4 dozen she needed.


Tom did great driving in Colombo because it was still holiday and he went to the Fulbright and book store to exchange the cookbook I bought the first week we were here.  I found a much better one since.  After he returned and had lunch, Ranjan sent his driver to pick us up and we all went to an antique shop.  I am still looking for a rice/spice chest but didn’t find anything I liked.  On the other hand, Tom bought an old suitcase for packing some extra stuff and Ranjan bought two copper pieces (under my keen eye and influence) one a great large rice strainer and the other a large cooking pot…both looked pretty grungy but I said they would clean up; also a nine candle wrought iron holder for his garden or entryway.  He was hesitant but bought them because he got the pots for $30 and the candle holder for $5.  I went away empty handed and disappointed.


STRESSFUL EVENING – Reality has finally set in and I don’t know how I am going to get all my stuff home…then the decisions of what to take and what to leave.  The biggest snag is the flight from here to China which is only allowing us 40 lbs each (are they crazy???) and then charging $7/pound for extra weight.  At this rate, I think Tom would leave me too!!!


Tom – Our morning walk – wall built to include tree –


We came across a youth soccer team passing the national Independence Memorial and going to practice

A happy bunch of kids!



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