Monterey, Santa Monica NRA and Getty Villa CA

October 1, 2015

9/29/2015 – Visited our friends Amir and Afsaneh in Campbell CA, had a wonderful Persian meal and reminisced about our time in Iran.  9/30/2015 – it was about an hour drive to Monterey, where we began our day by visiting Colton Hall.

DSCN3345 - Copy

The Bear is the state mascot

IMG_1057 - Copy

CA became the thirty-first state in 1850 and Monterey was its first capital

DSCN3349 - Copy

State Seal

DSCN3347 - Copy

A remote Spanish outpost became an agrarian Mexican province (Alta California) and then a U.S. state.   Colton Hall was the site of the state’s first constitutional convention in 1849.

DSCN3350 - Copy

Result of Helen buying an 8’ x 11’ – 70 lb Persian carpet!  How are we going to get it home?!!!

DSCN3352 - Copy

We did the historic town walk – this is the Royal Presidio Chapel, now known as the San Carlos Cathedral.  It was the church of all Spanish and Mexican governors and is the oldest building (1794) in Monterey.

DSCN3353 - Copy


DSCN3354 - Copy

We then walked to the waterfront, rented bikes and pedaled the coastal trail through Monterey

DSCN3355 - Copy

The trail runs over the old Southern Pacific railroad lines that serviced Cannery Row and the sardine canneries. The Monterey Peninsula has a year-round average temperature of 57 degrees.

DSCN3363 - Copy

We pedaled past the Monterey Aquarium and along the coast with great views of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary including dolphins, seals and birds.  We then continued along much of the famous 17-Mile Drive – Lighthouse Golf Course

DSCN3361 - Copy

This guy is for the birds!

DSCN3356 - Copy

I liked this statue

DSCN3357 - Copy

10/1/2015 – Took the famous coastal Rt 1 south toward LA, first driving through Carmel and then stopping at one of our favorite places – Pfeiffer Beach

DSCN3378 - Copy

Rock balancing is something we have seen many places in the world

DSCN3385 - Copy

Helen on the Rocks

DSCN3382 - Copy

Oooo – that felt Good!

DSCN3393 - Copy

Big Sur Coast

DSCN3375 - Copy


DSCN3373 - Copy

Our next stop was the Elephant Seal beach four miles north of the Hearst Castle.  October is when the juveniles and yearlings are primarily on the beach

DSCN3398 - Copy

Two sub-adult males engaging in jousting behavior

DSCN3396 - Copy

 10/2/2015 – Dinner and car show at Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank (BBBB) – say that out loud three times!   Jay Leno is known to frequent this place with one of his many cars.

DSCN3406 - Copy

Chandelier Tree – private home about a mile from Kate’s

DSCN3409 - Copy

Cash, Credit or Debit Card donation meter – to keep the lights on!

DSCN3408 - Copy

10/3/2015 – Horseback riding at Paramount Ranch in Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.  The ranch was a filming site for Paramount Pictures.

Paramount Ranch - Copy

Wooo – “Rarin to Go”

DSCN3418 - Copy

Not so Wild West

IMG_1061 - Copy

Movie Set

DSCN3411 - Copy


DSCN3413 - Copy

“Headin Out of Town”

DSCN3416 - Copy

Nice Ride Cowgirl (with purse and sunglasses?) –

DSCN3414 - Copy

Quick change – then lunch at Geoffrey’s on the coast in Malibu – $9 bottle of tap water!

Geoffreys Malibu2 - Copy

Getty Villa – J. Paul Getty was an oil tycoon who reveled in Greek, Etruscan and Roman antiquities.  He first opened the J. Paul Getty Museum in his home.  In 1968 he decided to build the Getty Villa on 54 acres he had purchased in Malibu in 1945.  The Villa is modeled after the Villa Dei Papiri, a Roman country house in Herculaneum buried by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius in A.D.79.  The Getty Villa opened in 1974.

DSCN3424 - Copy

Inner Peristyle –

IMG_1073 - Copy

Outer Peristyle –

DSCN3425 - Copy

East Garden –

DSCN3427 - Copy

Good Audio Tour

DSCN3430 - Copy

Men in Antiquity

IMG_1071 - Copy

Vessels and Jewelry from a Burial

IMG_1067 - Copy

Boxers Mosaic in the Athletes in Competition Room

IMG_1070 - Copy

10/4/2015 – attended mass at St Francis of Assisi, breakfast at Millie’s and then spent the rest of our Sunday buying and potting plants for Kate’s patio

DSCN3424 - Copy

Succulents –

DSCN3425 - Copy

Patio Power

DSCN3403 - Copy



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