Mt Davis – Highpoint of PA

June 30, 2022

This was our second visit to Mount Davis – Highpoint of PA (3,213ft). Our first visit was in 1989 with Kate and Chad and their friends David and Jessica. Here we are on the tower – Helen took the photo.


This is the marker on top of the tower


Helen and I visited again on 6/25/2022 when we were attending the Highpointers Konvention at Seven Springs Mountain Resort in PA.  We arrived at the highpoint at 11am, took photos, climbed the tower, and spoke to other highpointers who were there for the Konvention Watermelon Feast.


Note the weathered marker on top of the tower. There is a project in process to upgrade the signage at Mt Davis.


One comment

  1. It was great meeting you here! Hope to see you in Georgia next year.

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